We have the expertise, knowledge and passion to work with dancers to help them stay in the studio to work on technique, work en pointe, commence pre-professional training or keep performing on stage. We understand that dancers will have various needs and offer a variety of services to the dance community.

Physiotherapy for dancers

We have the expertise and understanding of the demands of dance to be able to offer you specialised management of your dance injuries.

Whether you are looking to perform in your end of year concert, focussed on progressing your technique, training for a professional career or currently working in a professional environment, we have the knowledge and skills to be able to get you back into the studio or onto stage as quickly as possible.

One of the most important elements with our management of your injury is our liaison with your dance school and dance teachers.  We endeavour to alert them as to the diagnosis of your injury and give them some feedback with respect to classwork and exercises you can continue with after we have seen you.  In this way, we can all work as a team in your recovery and return to class and performance.

Dance assessments

Whether you are looking to start pointe work, if you are becoming more serious with your dance or if you are a professional, we offer services to help you become the dancer you would like to be.

These include:

  • Pre pointe assessments
  • Dance assessments for alignment and technique progression
  • Orthopaedic assessments for entry to Tertiary Dance Schools
  • Orthopaedic assessments for SACE Dance programs

All of these in-depth assessments are 1 hour long and look at various elements such as alignment, dance technique, core control, turnout, hip strength and flexibility.  The aim of the screening is to create an exercise regime specific to your needs and to send a report to your teacher so that we can work together to help you achieve your goals where possible.  

Dance FIT classes

Dance FIT offers a unique opportunity for dancers to improve their core, alignment and technique whilst strengthening muscles used specifically by dancers.

We offer:

  • Individualised programs designed to address your individual needs.  Dancers will need to undertake a dance assessment in order for a program to be specifically designed.
  • Dance FIT classes are on Fridays at 4pm and 4.45pm at Flex Norwood. Please contact 8361 3355 to make a booking.  

Care for touring artists

We have an extensive history in treating, managing, rehabilitating and preventing injuries sustained by dancers travelling with their work – including performers from: Matilda, Dirty Dancing, Red Bull Flying Bach, Hugh Jackman’s ‘Boy From Oz’, Wicked, West Australian Ballet, Shanghai Ballet, Riverdance, Australian Dance Theatre and Leigh Warren and Dancers.


We can either treat in clinic, or visit the theatre when there is a need to assess and treat a number of artists.  To provide an all encompassing approach to the management of these performers’ individual issues. Flex has an established 'team' of doctors and allied health professionals with a specific interest in dance injuries to promote a ‘team’ approach in the management of travelling performers and their issues.  This team includes medical practitioners, orthopaedic specialists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, podiatrists, massage therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and access to Pilates classes and fitness sessions for individual needs.

Please contact us regarding your or your company’s individual needs.