How do you strengthen your glutes?

A recent study by Lewis et al 2018 has investigated the best way to activate your gluteal muscles during resisted side stepping.  

Gluteal weakness is a common problem and can cause issues with lower limb control which can result in hip and knee pain.  Many people exercising at the gym are also often keen to strengthen their gluteal muscles.  When doing the 'crab walk' exercise,  by positioning a resistance band around your feet (compared to around your knees) you are more likely to recruit your gluteal muscles due to the rotational pull.  Having the band around you knees can make the exercise easier but can also load the smaller hip muscles, resulting in less activation of your gluteal muscles. Some might call this cheating!

The 'crab walk' exercise can be a great way to strengthen your gluteal muscles but make sure you are recruiting the muscles that need to be strengthened. Also make sure the resistance band is the right intensity for your current strength and that you are doing sufficient sets and reps to focus on strength and control.  If you need further assistance our Flex Physio’s are experts in assessing muscle function and prescribing appropriate exercises for each person and each problem.