Jonathan Giannini

Flex Care
Senior Occupational Therapist

Introducing our senior Occupational Therapist Jonathan who has been a part of the Flex Care team for 8 years. He graduated in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy and joined Flex where he has developed and applied his trade as a community-based OT.

Jonathan is now the manager of our NDIS faculty at Flex which consists of several OTs, Physios and EPs providing a multi-disciplinary approach to participant care.

“Above all being an OT gives me great perspective. Perspective reaffirms my values and desires to assist participants in the management of their health conditions, and individual circumstances by enabling accessibility to health care and essential services. As an OT I have developed an extensive skillset, knowledge base, and professional network, equipping me with the necessary tools to continue to work towards bridging the gap in society which exists for individuals who live with debilitating health conditions. Advocating for equal opportunity by providing choice and control, breaking down stigmatisation which surrounds disability and aged care, promoting independence, and facilitating change are key in my role as an OT and gives me great satisfaction and purpose in achieving these outcomes.”

Jonathan is currently working at our Flex Care and NDIS - Phone 0884630711 clinic.