Jordan Owen

Flex Care

Jordan graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2016, working in private practice at Flex Kadina for 5 years. Jordan moved to Adelaide in 2021 to join the Flex NDIS team and has been working across metropolitan Adelaide since.

Jordan enjoyed the opportunity over the past five years to treat a variable clinical caseload associated with rural private practice, developing a foundation in managing acute sporting injuries persistent pain, paediatric, neurological, and other chronic conditions.

Since moving to Adelaide, he has continued to hone his skills working with a variety of NDIS participants. He has a strong interest in the areas of neurological and paediatric physiotherapy, incorporating a fun and dynamic approach to all sessions, that incorporates land-based and/or aquatic therapy, home, clinic, school or gym sessions.

Outside of work, Jordan enjoys playing football and cricket, camping and spending time in the country.

NDIS area of interest:

-neurological conditions

-aquatic therapy

-assistive technology (major & minor)

-paediatrics play-based therapy

-pain management

-NDIS assessment and reporting

Jordan is currently working at our Flex Care and NDIS - Phone 0884630711 clinic.