Tips on Squatting

Squatting is a common movement performed by all of us most days. It may be bending down to pick something up, tie a shoelace and even when sitting on a couch or a chair. Squatting can also be performed as part of your weights or strength program.

Your ability to squat may be affected by previous injury or available joint range of movement. Below are a few key points to help when squatting. From a physiotherapy perspective, I would encourage the following;

  • Foot placement: Feet at least hip width apart, with your natural foot posture and keep your heel on the ground
  • Knee movement: Look to prevent your knee from moving forward, over your toes
  • Knee control: Try to keep the knee cap in alignment with your 2nd and 3rd toes 

If you would like any further tips or advice or to have us check out your squatting technique. Then let us know! We can provide you with exercise progressions or variations of exercises to perform in the gym or at home. 

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