Summer is here and at this time of the year many people are taking up new sports or fitness regimes which is great to see. Unfortunately this can increase your risk of developing a tendinopathy which may cause pain in your hip, knee, ankle, shoulders and other areas.

To prevent this from occurring there are some precautions you can take.

  • Start slowly - gradually introduce new activities to give your tendons time to adapt
  • Warm – up – always warm up prior to sport to prepare your muscles and tendons
  • Proper technique – ensure you use good technique to reduce strain on your tendons
  • Rest – allow adequate time for rest and recovery between activities

Flex have experienced Physiotherapists who can help if you have early signs of a tendinopathy or if you would benefit from preventative screening and exercises.

  • Cross-train – incorporate a variety of activities to avoid overuse of a specific tendon
  • Progress – increase the load or weight incrementally over time rather than making sudden changes
  • Monitor for pain – pay close attention to any new pain and consider reducing the load
  • Consult a professional – if you have a history of tendinopathy, or are unsure about technique or how to increase/manage your training seek advice from a Physiotherapist