Consult with one of our experienced physiotherapists without having to leave your home or workplace.

Telehealth consultations provide a innovative solution for:

  • clients that live in rural or remote areas
  • those who have limited availability due to busy schedules
  • clients with issues attending the clinic due to age, disability or lack of transport
  • those looking to limit time outside their home and potential contact with anyone who may be sick

Although physiotherapy has traditionally been considered a hands-on profession, more than 75% of our sessions involve no hands-on care. The most critical skill our Flex physiotherapists possess is their ability to accurately diagnose problems and set a management plans for rehabilitation.

Flex use Physitrack for telehealth consultations. It is innovative, meets all the security requirements & privacy legislation but most of all, it is easy to use. Physitrack can be used with most modern web browsers or on the free app - PhysiApp. Physitrack functionality also includes ability to provide customised rehabilitation programs, exercise prescription and tracking of progress.

Telehealth appointments can be booked with our reception staff.