Pilates and Private Health Insurance reforms

February 20, 2019

Recently there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the changes the Department of Health have made to legislation regarding private health insurance. Many of you have questions surrounding how this may impact your classes at Flex. We have put together some frequently asked questions which we hope will assist with your queries and put your mind at ease. 

What is Strength & Conditioning?

February 05, 2019 — Daniel Sheehy

Strength and Conditioning (S&C) is the physical and physiological development of athletes through exercise prescription for improved sport performance. S&C coaches provide individually designed, evidence-based training programs that are designed to provide optimal strength, recovery, and fitness gains.

Pelvic Pain

January 14, 2019 — Sarah Propsting

Are you male? Are you female? Whatever your sexual orientation, you may suffer from some form of pelvic pain. You may also have bladder issues, bowel issues and/or some problems with sex? If so, you are not alone. Unfortunately pelvic pain affects 1 in 5 women and 1 in 12 men at some time in their life—yet it’s a condition that is rarely discussed.